Scope of Work



Who needs a social presence?  Do your clients or customers use social media?  If yes, you need to be there too.  Where are they: browsing, posting, researching, etc.?  You should have a presence wherever your clients are - so finding you and your business is only a click away.  Look HERE to see which platforms you should use to connect with current & potential customers.



Having a social media and online presence is expected, but it's more than just posting a picture, product, or a paragraph.  In order for social media to really work for you - it needs to be strategic.  Your website should be optimized so that your current and potential customers can easily find you.  And what they find, is relevant to them and encourages further interaction with your brand. 


When & Where:

So you're on social media and have a website - what's next?  A good strategy doesn't end with just being present.  The "right" content, reaching the "right" audience for your business is key.  Consistency in what, where & when you share, is just as important.  Be predictable & accessible for your clients.  Creatively building excitement & engagement with your followers strengthens brand awareness and trust...that will translate into customer loyalty.


Why (Me):

Now - why me?  Your business is likely one of your life's greatest passions.  You probably eat, sleep, & breathe it.  It fuels your spirit.  Your focus should be, and needs to be on the core of your business.  Chances are there aren't many hours left in the day, to give adequate attention to the "what, when, where & how" of your online and social media strategy.  That's where I come in!  I will work along side you to support your social media, marketing & branding needs.  Connect with me HERE.